12 pack Minty Cool Silvester Overgrip

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Welcome to a new standard of tennis excellence with the Silvester Minty Cool Overgrip 12-pack. Designed for discerning players who demand both a chic look and enduring performance, these overgrips bring a touch of serene elegance to your intense matches. With a cool mint color and a geometric design that speaks to the heart of modern tennis, you're equipped with style and substance. Explore the standout features and benefits:


Optimized Features:

  • Expertly Gauged Thickness: Crafted at 0.65 mm for the optimal fusion of cushioning and sensitivity, the Minty Cool Overgrip enables precise control for the discerning player.
  • Exceptional Durability: Rated a solid 5/5, this 12-pack of overgrips is designed to last through countless games, providing you with a dependable grip every season.
  • Signature Mint Design: The geometric shapes and invigorating mint tone make each overgrip a fashionable statement that's bound to turn heads on the court.


Enhanced Benefits:

  • Persistent Cool Comfort: With a high comfort rating, play longer and with more pleasure, as the Minty Cool Overgrip reduces hand fatigue and increases enjoyment.
  • Reliable Non-Slip Grip: Achieving a near-perfect non-slip rating, you'll have unwavering confidence in your racket handling for all types of shots.
  • Advanced Absorption: Score high in moisture management with these grips, designed to keep your palms dry and your plays sharp.


Transform your tennis gear with the Silvester Minty Cool Overgrip 12-pack, blending premier functionality with an exquisite aesthetic for the modern player.

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