Silvester PRO Overgrip 60 pack

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  • Optimal Thickness: The Silvester PRO Overgrip boasts a thickness of just 0.6 mm, offering a delicate balance between a slim profile and the perfect cushioning. This design ensures that you can maintain a direct connection to your racket, enhancing your control and touch.
  • Pro-Grade Quality: With the PRO Overgrip, you're getting the pinnacle of quality. Silvester has crafted this overgrip with precision to meet the standards of the most demanding players. It provides a professional-grade feel, allowing you to control your shots with finesse.
  • Non-Slip Technology: The PRO Overgrip is engineered with non-slip technology that secures your grip even during the most intense rallies. This feature ensures that your hand stays firmly in place, enabling you to confidently swing through each shot.


  • Unmatched Comfort: With a comfort score of 4.5/5, the Silvester PRO Overgrip delivers an unmatched level of comfort. You'll experience reduced hand fatigue, ensuring you can perform at your best during extended matches or practice sessions.
  • Superior Non-Slip Performance: The PRO Overgrip earns a perfect 5/5 in non-slip performance. Say goodbye to the frustration of grip adjustments between points. This overgrip ensures your hand remains firmly planted, providing you with the ultimate control and confidence to dominate the court.
  • Exceptional Sweat Absorption: Silvester's PRO Overgrip excels in the absorption department with a flawless 5/5 rating. It wicks away moisture and sweat effectively, keeping your grip dry and secure, regardless of the playing conditions.
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