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Strings are essential to how a racket performs, being the only component of the racket that actually has contact with the ball. Strings may differ depending on the material from which they are manufactured, gauge, type or shape (profile). Thus, depending on the player’s level and style of play, certain types of strings are more suitable than others. To meet players’ needs, Silvester offers 3 types of strings: Sensation, Energy and Evolution - each with special features.

As regards the types of strings, there are monofilament and multifilament (multi-fiber) strings. The monofilament string is harsher on the arm but more durable, being suitable for big hitters. The multifilament string absorbs shocks and is more elastic, being more comfortable on the arm - however, the elasticity makes it less durable, with the risk of breaking faster than a monofilament string. Also, its elasticity gives the multifilament string more power, but less control on the shot.

In terms of shape, there are round-shaped, as well as multi-angle (pentagonal, hexagonal, etc.) strings. The round-shaped string is more suitable as universal string, appropriate for a beginner. On the other hand, a multi-angle string is recommended for more advanced players, who hit with a high degree of effect and spin.

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