3 pack Party Time Silvester Overgrip

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Bring the fun to the forefront of your game with the Silvester Party Time Overgrip. This 3-pack is a burst of energy for your tennis sessions, combining trusted Silvester performance with a playful design that's as lively as your gameplay. The Party Time Overgrip isn't just a tool; it's a celebration of your unique style and zest for the game. Discover the features and benefits that will have you enjoying every moment on the court:


Joyful Features:

  • Optimized Grip Thickness: Crafted at a precise 0.65 mm, the Party Time Overgrip offers an impeccable balance between plush comfort and responsive touch, essential for the player who revels in both long rallies and precision shots.
  • Long-Lasting Durability: Boasting an outstanding durability score of 5/5, these overgrips are built to party as hard as you play, maintaining their integrity through the most spirited matches.
  • Festive Design: Adorned with a vibrant pattern that captures the essence of celebration, the Party Time Overgrip ensures your racket is dressed for any occasion, standing out with festive flair.


Celebratory Benefits:

  • Exhilarating Comfort: With a comfort rating of 4/5, the Party Time Overgrip allows you to play with the joy and ease of a partygoer, ensuring your hand remains rested and ready for the next move.
  • Confident Non-Slip Performance: Rated a solid 4.5/5, the Party Time Overgrip provides a steadfast grip, so you can trust your racket's handle as much as your dance moves.
  • Premier Sweat Absorption: Score a 4.5/5 in absorption with this overgrip, designed to wick away moisture, leaving your hands dry and your grip as cool as a night breeze.


Make every game a celebration with the Silvester Party Time Overgrip 3-pack — because life's too short for anything less than a party on the court.

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