3 pack Summer Love Silvester Overgrip

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Serve up your passion for tennis with Silvester's Summer Love Overgrip, the ultimate blend of performance and panache for summer play. This three-pack of Silvester overgrips brings you the perfect harmony of function and flair to elevate your game during the sun-soaked months. Here's why every swing will resonate with the essence of summer love:

Optimized Features:

  • Precision Grip Thickness: At a perfect 0.65mm, our Summer Love Overgrip ensures a tactile connection with your racket, merging comfort and control for a more nuanced game.
  • Supreme Endurance: Rated a solid 5/5 for longevity, withstand the summer heat and intense volleys with an overgrip crafted to last.
  • Vivid Seasonal Pattern: Adorned with a playful array of blue and yellow squares, it encapsulates the vibrant spirit of summer, making your racket an extension of your style.


Unmatched Benefits:

  • Enhanced Play Comfort: Rated 4/5 for comfort, the Summer Love Overgrip minimizes hand fatigue and discomfort, letting your love for the game flourish.
  • Assured Non-Slip Grip: Achieve unwavering racket control with a non-slip surface, rated 4/5, for those critical match-point swings.
  • Superior Moisture Management: Keep your hands dry and your grip secure with a 4/5 absorption rating, making sweaty palms a thing of the past.


Embrace the summer season with Silvester’s Summer Love Overgrip — crafted for champions who dare to stand out and designed for distinction on and off the court.

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