Silvester Evolution String 200m

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  • Round Shape for Versatility: The Silvester Evolution String features a classic round shape, offering versatility that suits players of all styles. Whether you're a baseline power hitter or a finesse player at the net, this string adapts to your game effortlessly.
  • Diameter 1.30 for Optimal Balance: With a diameter of 1.30, this string strikes the perfect balance between power and precision. You'll enjoy an ideal blend of responsiveness and control, allowing you to make those winning shots with ease.
  • Unmatched Durability: Boasting an impressive durability score of 5/5, the Evolution String ensures you get more court time and fewer string replacements. Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent restringing and focus on perfecting your game.


  • Precision Control: The Silvester Evolution String offers exceptional control with a rating of 4/5. Whether you're aiming for the lines or pinpointing the corners of the court, you'll have the confidence to execute your shots with precision, leaving your opponent scrambling.
  • Supreme Comfort: Comfort is key, and the Evolution String delivers with a 4/5 rating in this department. Feel the difference in every stroke as this string reduces harsh vibrations and minimizes the risk of arm fatigue, allowing you to play longer and stronger.
  • Consistent Power: While not the most powerful string, with a rating of 3/5, the Evolution String still provides you with ample pop to keep your shots aggressive and effective. You can rely on this string to help you generate the power needed to dominate rallies.
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