Silvester Octo-Power String 12m

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  • String Name: Octo-Power: As the name suggests, this string is all about power. The Octo-Power String is crafted to maximize the energy transfer from your racket to the ball, resulting in explosive shots that will leave your opponents in awe.
  • Diameter 1.20 for Explosive Power: With a slim diameter of 1.20, this string is tailored for explosive power. You'll experience a satisfying pop on your shots, giving you the advantage in aggressive play and making it ideal for players who thrive on power and pace.
  • Octagonal Shape for Maximum Grip: The Silvester Octo-Power String is engineered with an octagonal shape, providing exceptional grip on the ball. This innovative design enhances your ability to generate incredible spin, making those drop shots and wicked slices easier than ever.


  • Incredible Spin Potential: Achieve new heights in spin control with a remarkable rating of 4/5. The octagonal shape of this string allows you to put a sensational amount of spin on the ball, giving you the edge in rallies and making your shots unpredictable.
  • Explosive Power: With a power rating of 4/5, the Octo-Power String lives up to its name. Feel the exhilarating burst of power as you unleash thunderous serves and groundstrokes, leaving your opponents struggling to keep up with your pace.
  • Enhanced Control: Silvester's Octo-Power String provides a commendable control rating of 3/5. While it prioritizes power, it doesn't compromise on precision. You'll have the confidence to place your shots with accuracy, dictating the flow of the game.


Thickness: 1.20 mm

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