Silvester Hexa-Spin String 200m

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  • String Name: Hexa-Spin: The name says it all – Hexa-Spin! This string is engineered to maximize spin potential. Whether you're executing topspin forehands or wicked backhand slices, the Hexa-Spin String provides the grip you need to keep your opponents guessing and on their toes.
  • Diameter 1.28: With a diameter of 1.28, this string strikes the perfect balance between power and precision. You'll experience improved ball responsiveness, making it easier to land your shots exactly where you want them, while still packing a punch.
  • Hexagonal Shape: The unique hexagonal shape of the Silvester Hexa-Spin String sets it apart from traditional round strings. This innovative design enhances your racket's ability to grip the ball, allowing you to generate incredible spin and control with every shot.


  • Outstanding Durability: Silvester's Hexa-Spin String boasts a solid durability score of 4/5. You won't have to worry about restringing your racket frequently. Focus on your game without the hassle of constant string replacements.
  • Exceptional Control: Achieve pinpoint accuracy and control with a score of 4/5 in this department. The Hexa-Spin String allows you to place your shots precisely, helping you dominate rallies and outmaneuver your opponent.
  • Impressive Spin Generation: Spin your way to victory with a 4/5 rating for spin potential. This string's hexagonal shape enhances your ability to put incredible spin on the ball, making it a formidable weapon in your tennis arsenal.
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